Who we are and what we do

With over 22 years experience in creating high quality swimming poolsPinnacle Pools offers peace of mind to the homeowner looking to add value, beauty and finesse to an invaluable asset – your home.

Our pools are hand crafted to ensure the highest construction quality levels.
The initial digging is done by hand to ensure minimal disruption to your property during the construction process.

Our steel reinforced concrete pool shells are hand packed in order to meet our top rate quality specifications.

We supply a 1 meter steel reinforced concrete ring-beam, standard with every pool, guaranteeing total stability of the surround paving and long term paving durability.

The surface finishing can be done either in a high quality fiberglass finish or in a Marbalite plaster.

A complimentary Dolphin motif is offered with all fiberglass finishes.

Finally the pool is handed over with a finishing kit which comprises of an automatic pool cleaner, a pool brush, net and pole.

Our Promise to you

We supply and install only the highest quality in filtration equipment with every pool which will ensure a long term trouble-free swimming experience.

At Pinnacle Pools we are confident that our carefully constructed and caringly designed swimming pools will add both pleasure to your lifestyle and value to your investment.

Pinnacle Pools – your ultimate pool solution.

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